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3 seater sofa set for living room India

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3  seater sofa set for living room India

Thinking of buying a 3 seater sofa set ? Have to think a lot before buying a sofa it is an important decision to be made as you don’t buy a piece of furniture frequently. You have to consider many factors before buying a sofa like how comfortable it is and the sofa goes along with the decor of your living room.

You can consider some points before buying a product. Like consider the size of a sofa or the quality of the product etc. Size of a sofa shows the proportionate way of how your sofa goes along with your home decor and also you have to consider that the sofa is comfortable or not. The products which have been mentioned below are made good quality material and have passed the sitting test. These products are considered to be best 3 seater sofas at reasonable price.

To make your decision more gullible we have discussed a product having same features but the basic difference lies is the material. Should you consider fabric or leather both the kinds have their own pros and cons to be consider so according to your requirements you can make your decision.

In this article we have consider some of the key points for 3 seater sofa  and sorted out sofas which might help you to make the right decision.

Things you should consider before buying sofa?


What are the length, width and height of the sofa? You consider that sofa according to the size of the living room. Your sofa should be proportionate to your living room


You should consider the material used for making the frame. Most of the frame are made of solid wood or marine plywood.

Sitting test 

Once sofa should be comfortable you should definitely check out that the sofa is comfortable while you sat on it. Quality of the fabric should be strong, durable and looks good on the sofa.

Sofa style

It is most crucial point to be consider the sofa you are going to buy goes with your home decor or not. Modern sofa is getting more attention than the regular one because of its fuss-free look.


Best Home Decorating Items

1. Adorn India Acura 3 Seater sofa

Needed a 3 seater sofa for your living room which looks good with your home decor having good quality wood and you can choose your secondary material to be leatherette and fabric, moreover it comes with ten variety of colours.

Adorn India Acura 3 Seater sofacheck price


  • Foam is made up of polyster
  • Can be used for seating as well as for sleeping
  • Made of sal wood
  • Fabric is UV resistant


Haven’t thought about this? This 3 seater sofa can be a great deal for you. It comes in 10 different colours which ever may be suitable for your room you can consider it as gives variety of choices for you. Product dimension is length 71 inch x width 29 inch x height 31 inch. The primary material which is wood is made of pure sal wood and fabric is made of polyster.

The important thing to be consider is that there is a requirement of assembling things as the product comes with preassembled sate. Easy to handle can b used for sitting as well as for sleeping purpose.  Gives modernish look to your living room, comes with good quality cushion. It uses recron fibre to provide softness and extra comfort. Comes with a washable cushion and the fabric is UV resistant


Comes in preassemble state  no need of self assemble, and comes with necessary accessories.


Length 71 inch x width 29 inch x height 31 inch


  • Can be used for both sitting and sleeping purpose
  • Provides variety of choice
  • Give modern look
  • Not gone a fade due to the presence of sunlight


  • Quality of material is okayish
  • Quite expensive


2. Hariom Handicraft Kendalwood Furniture 3 seater sofa set

If you are looking for 3 seater sofa with good quality wood which provides good quality cushion with the package then you can put this item on your list.

Adorn India Monteno Leatherette 3 seater sofa

check price


  • Made of Sheesham Wood
  • Soft cushion
  • Durable waterproof plywwod


It is a 3 seater sofa set comes with a dimension size of length 72inch x depth 31 inches x height 34 inches. This sofa set is made of pure Sheesham wood. Goes with any home decor due its unique honey colour, this furniture brings modernise look to your living room. This 3 seater sofa set comes with cushions, this cushions are made of good quality and soft padding even though cushions does not contain springs. If you are looking for 3 seater sofa having solid wood in it and can be used for long period than definitely you can put this item on your list. This sofa is highly durable and water resistant.

Assembly instructions

This product requires self assembly by the customer and this thing comes with necessary accessories.


length 72inch x depth 31 inches x height 34

Item weight: 30kg


  • Made of pure sheesham wood
  • Cushion made of soft padding.
  • Water proof plywood


  • Need to set up on your own
  • Quite expensive


3. Adorn India Monteno Leatherette 3 seater sofa

Wanted a leatherette sofa with reasonable price you might consider this product. Many of the satisfied customers have said that this is one of the best 3 seater sofa leatherette product available in the market.

check price


  • Wood made of premium quality
  • Product is more durable in nature
  • Cushion made of recon fibre
  • Best quality leatherette used for sofa


This is a great product if you’re looking leatherette 3 seater sofa for your living room. Comes at a reasonable price, it also comes with high density foam and cushion is made of high density recon fibre which makes the product more durable and it does not use any toxic components to manufacture the product. The leatherette quality is pretty good and the finishing of the sofa is absolutely stunning. As high density foam is used to manufacture this product which makes it long lasting. The woods used for framing is marandi wood, sal wood which makes quite strong.

After everything it is quite comfortable because of the usage of recron fibre in the cushion which make it extra comfortable. And the covers are easy to wash. The important thing is that it is easy to clean stains can be easily remove the sofas. You should definitely consider this product if you’re looking for leatherette 3 seater sofa.

Assembly instruction

Comes in preassembled state so no need of self assembly and have the necessary accessories.


Length (193) breath (81) height (81)


  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for home with pets


  • Gets sticky in summer
  • Comes in limited colour



At last it is up to which 3 seater sofa will be good for your living room or which of the product will go with your home decor. We hope that we have helped you to make the important decision which you’re going to make. These 3 products are good in their own way and we have looked all the important factors which should be considered before buying a piece of furniture.

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