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 Bedsheets and pillows covers online India 2021

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 Bedsheets and pillows covers online India 2021


Today, we are featuring this stylish, trendy, gorgeous, winsome, classic, inviting floral designed bedsheets and pillow covers. After searching and reading its whole reviews, we have come to this result that this set of Bedsheet and pillows are really to be recommended to all. So let’s know more ahead about this wonderful set of Bedsheets and pillows covers which is available easily online. 


If you are also trying to settle on a set of new king size bedsheets then you can pay attention to this, once. As we know that we buy bedsheets often as it is daily used material, so we want something that might last longer. Not for only this purpose but also many purposes are there to going for high quality king sized bedsheets like- for good sleep in summer and embellish our home. So, get ready for creating an nice impression on your relatives and known ones, having this wonderful bedsheet.



  • Size of bedsheet: 108 inch x 108 inch
  • Material : 100% Pure Cotton
  • Made in India 
  • Total thread Count: 186 TC with TWILL Weave
  • Size: king  bedsize sheets ( double bedsheet)
  • Form the house of : Haus & kinder
  • Colour: Blue and bright cream 
  • Pattern : Floral
  • Pillow covers: 18 x 27 inches.



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■■ Whole packing has –

  • 1 Double Size bedsheet
  • 2 pillow covers of standard size.



bedsheets and pillow covers online

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beautiful and attractive design:

As it can be seen in the picture that how gorgeous this bedsheet looks right?. You can make your sweet home interiors look more modern and fantastic as it is gives you really a great embellishment to your home. Just adorn up your bed with this floral grace amazing bedsheet which is form the house of  haus & kinder.


Softer and classic: 

This super stylish, gorgeous, soft ,shiny, smooth, classic, trendy, inviting floral design bedsheet is a eye catchy bedsheet that is a must have. None can resist buying this as it creates an impression on your neighbours and dear ones and surly they’ll ask you about it. So, choose your favourite colour and buy one self for you and your loved ones as well.


Combo of bedsheet and pillows:

This is a 100% pure cotton made and woven from the finest Indian cotton which will last long. This is a 186 TC (Thread Count) bedsheet of TWILL Weave. So, another perk is that this king size bedsheets come with 2 pillows covers. So, this set has 1 bedsheet of 274 cm x 274 cm and 2 pillow covers of  46 cm x 69 cm.


■Low maintenance bedsheet:

Don’t worry about its maintenance as it doesn’t require for any high maintenance all you have to do is to wash it before the first use (wash dark colours separately).


Best for summer:

This haus & kinder king sized bedsheet nest  for summer and hot days. it is cosy enough for these months. This cotton made bedsheet is combed, strong, does not pill easily, beautiful, trendy and machines Washable as well as a softer hand feel.


■■ Thread Count: 186 TC

So, what is thread count?

Generally, thread count shows the size of the yarns in fabric and the quantity of threads woven. in simple words- higher the threads the more best quality of any cotton or fabric.



  • worth the price 
  • wonderful design 
  • comforts you while sleeping 
  • Best for summer 
  • super soft 
  • high quality bedsheet 
  • anti allergic 
  • pure cotton made bedsheet 



  • should have slightly more sheerness 



This following reviews are based on consumers and our researches-


Enough large:

Usually the dimensions are as large as claimed in the description. Bedsheet is the same as in the Image as well, very pleasant cream coloured king sized bed sheet with gorgeous tiny pink coloured flowers in stems design. 


Soft :

the material of this online king sized double bedsheet is very soft, smooth and nice with medium thickness. Gives you a sound sleep after long hours of working at office.


 ■ Well stitched:

This bed sheet is very neatly stitched, apart from that best In terms of thread count. As we have told you before that higher thread count means superior quality of any fabric. So, this bed sheet comes with 186 thread count, which is ideal for Indian weather. This is a summer ready bedsheet online.


Value for money:

This nice quality bed sheet is really value for money with nice thickness. This sheet is also good in color, look and print. The color and print doesn’t fade away after washing. So just go for it.


wonderful look:

What a nice bedsheet!” these are the words that would come out of anyone’s mouth whomever will see it. People will appreciate your taste of choice with 100% surety.

These sheets are the key to a safe and sound sleep. Don’t worry about the scratchy or itchy bedsheet that will harm your body and bring this 100% cotton made bedsheet as it makes your safe sleep more possible.


■ Made of pure cotton:

This js a pure cotton king sized bed sheet which has unmatched quality in the terms of softness. its anti allergic quality makes it more useful and recommendable.

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When you come home and want deep and safe sleep right ? so, don’t worry as this bedsheet will suffice this requirement of you. So we’re hoping, after analysing some of points you must have reach to the right conclusion. When it comes to us, we recommend you.


If you like our review on “bedsheets and pillows covers online”, then please do share and comment  down below in the comment box, whether this review has helped you or not for a fine purchase. Thank you for giving your time on our review.

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