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Best Full length Mirror for Home | Buying Guide

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Best Full length Mirror for Home | Buying Guide

Mirrors aren’t just designed to see yourself and your outfit, but it also gives a decorative touch to your interior. They’ve also created an illusion of the perfect solution for making space feel brighter and larger. Here, we share some of the best Full-Length Mirror of all styles to enhance the beauty of various design projects, from bedrooms to dining areas.

Also in the end, of this page, you get a complete Buying Guide which helps you to choose the right one….so don’t miss it.

1. Quality Glass – Metal Glass Frameless Full-Length Mirror

This beautiful frameless mirror is ready to hang on your wall. It has a 5mm width with HNG technology which makes it durable, strong, and easy to fit on the wall. It is easy to hang using hanging clips which provided on the backside to hang it vertically or horizontally.

Best Full-length Mirror | Buying Guide

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Specifications :

  • Beautiful & eye-catching design, you will absolutely fall in love with this stylish decorative wall mirror.
  • The Mirror is Light in weight so, it is easy to Port.
  • Long-lasting and fine quality product.

It is relevant for use in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, or any other place that you look fit. It also the best & unique gift for your loved ones on special happenings such as house opening.

2. BLUEWUD – Full Lenght Mirror With Wooden Frame

Bluewud is very popular for its designs & manufactures.  Its markets range from innovative and contemporary furniture used as home decor products. Bluewud designs, complement are connected with the consumers’ lifestyle, creativity, and ambitions.

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Specifications :

  • The mirror is frameless and attached to the board with special mirror pasting silicon glue.
  • This product comes with the necessary hardware & detailed installation guide.

There warehouse or manufacturing facility is located in Noida, Delhi NCR which is completely implemented with state of the art machinery.

Safety Guide

To clean its wooden frame you just need warm water, cleaning the wooden frame with water is not harm your product.

Clean the dust from the surface with soft cloths or paper towels. Avoid direct sunlight, direct water splashing. Do not use hard chemicals or rough clothes while cleaning. Do not damage with sharp objects.

3. SEVEN HORSES – Full-Length Glass Wall Mirror

This beautiful rectangular wall mirror changes your room atmosphere. its large scale, elegant arches, and a scent of softness from the mirror make a unique & Masterpiece.

Best Full-length Mirror | Buying Guide

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Specifications :

  • They used Premium Quality Synthetic Fiber Wood to make a beautiful frame.
  • It also has an MDF Board Back Support
  • Vertically Hanging Option
  • Long-lasting and Fine Quality Product

This wall mirror easily matches with your e living room, bedroom,or even bathroom. You can hang this mirror vertically. If we talk about its overall dimension: 26 inches high X 14 inches wide X 1 inch deep; glass dimensions: 24 inches high X 12 inch wide.

4. Elegant Arts & Frames – Full-length Mirror

Elegant Arts And Frames are popular for their quality products & happy customers, they will get satisfaction as they want. This Full-length mirror is used for decorative purposes. It does do not contain any frame.

Best Full-length Mirror | Buying Guide

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  • Beautiful design, the design is eye-catching and you will completely fall in love with this trendy decorative wall mirror
  • The will provide consultancy services.
  • they  will help you to find your perfect mirror
  • It’s newly designed to be suitable for decoration.

It can be hanged in any adjustment including – vertically or horizontally, which makes it best suited for the bedrooms, as a vanity mirror, or along with your table/console suitable in your dining room.

Buying Guide 🙂

A mirror is generally used to see yourself and your outfit better, but if we talk about a Full-length mirror is a little bit different. These mirrors create an illusion Your room appear larger and brighter. Full-length mirrors come in many different sizes with a mixture of frames and mounting systems. If you want to see a more and complete reflection of yourself and your outfit, then a full-length mirror could be the right solution for you.

Mirror types -:

  • The most common mirror used in the Indian environment is Wall mirrors. They are designed to be hung and come in lots of shapes and sizes satisfied in every room.
  • The second is Leaner/ freestanding mirrors which don’t need to be wall-mounted and are mainly come in full-length.
  • The third is Full-length mirrors which also know as dressing mirrors they are usually long and narrow, as they’re designed to give you a full-length reflection.  
  • Tabletop mirrors are the fourth one and it’s designed to sit on tabletops and surfaces.
  • Vanity mirrors are small mirrors; they only reflect your head and shoulders. Perfect for makeup or skincare. Vanity mirrors seem great on top of dressing tables and desks, or can even be put inside your bathroom furniture if space allows.

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Mirror types for every room :-

Living room

People used a mirror in the living room as a decorative accessory, These mirrors are largely in size to add impression to your space. Wall mirrors are good, leaving you floor space for working furnishings. Choose a shape that sounds the lines of the furniture it’s going above. For example, large, rectangular mirrors above grates make a bold statement, while smaller mirrors can be used as part of a gallery wall.


Our spending hours in the bedroom for getting dressed or undressed. So you need a dressing mirror, a full-length mirror, or a leaner mirror in your bedroom. And because they make rooms look bigger and brighter, your option can improve your room’s look, as well as your own.


The place, where you need a mirror most is in the bathroom. A mirror with a warehouse is a great way to hide beautifiers and keep your bathroom neat, while a mirror with lights will make getting ready a dream – especially in bathrooms that need natural light.

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