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Best Long Door Curtains online India 2021

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Best Long Door Curtains online India 2021


Making a new look of the room is in your hand, for that you must need some nice equipment and home decor products. Not only these but also you need a nice set of curtains that might match your interior home design. You must check these best long door curtains which are available online at a cheap price. So for knowing more about this product please do read our whole blog which is named as ‘Best Long Door Curtains online India’.


A perfect curtain can add a high level of charm and make tranquil surroundings to your room, hall or living room. So it’s a nice thing if you choose those types of curtains as it is also a part of decoration. Usually curtains have many advantages in our daily life style, they give us little privacy and protection from outer dust, small debris and dirt particles. So seeing all these advantages and importance, how can we go for a cheap quality curtain?. So for helping you to reach the right and perfect materials, we often post high quality products’ reviews. You must check this out too-


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  • Material: Polyester
  • Total curtains: Set of 4 
  • Country of Origin:‎ India
  • total number of eyelets: 8


Why these curtains?

Best Long Door Curtains online India 2021


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Low maintenance curtains:

You don’t have to invest more money on maintaining your costly curtains as this curtain set doesn’t demand high maintenance. Add a touch of sophistication to your any room interiors with this low maintaining curtain. Apart from that you can get these 2-piece curtains under 1200 rs which is a decent price for this quality.


delectable pattern:

This long door curtain has an amazing abstract pattern while offering a high quality curtain. This long door curtain has a two-tone branches printed pattern which looks very fine and pretty. This lovely pattern provides a stylish and unique look to your whole living room and redefines your home decor as well. 


you’ll get 4 piece curtains:

Not only 1 but you’ll  get 4 pieces of different sizes for different uses as it comes with the package of 4 piece curtains. So you’ll be able to use these for doors and windows too. Do machine wash in cold water, Wash dark colours separately and do not bleach for its long longevity. So we think it’s a great deal for this price. 


long lasting curtains:

As we have told you guys it is crafted from pure polyester. Apart from that, it has nice  composition which adds up to the longevity of these beautiful curtains. One more thing makes this curtain set more long lasting that is its fade resistance quality, even after multiple washes.


 8 strong quality eyelets:

Each curtain has 8 silver coated eyelets. These 8 eyelets are made of high quality material, giving an elegant look. Basically these are rust resistant eyelets and their  holes are large enough for several types of rods in the market. Just move the curtains smoothly along the rods.


Nice stitching:

When it comes to it’s transparency or opacity, it is semi transparent or you can say light can be filtered through this. The print of the curtain and colour combination is exactly as shown in the images. This set of curtain comes with fine stitching is and nothing is out of place you’ll get to see in this deal.


Best for summer days: 

Lazy summer days have set in and it’s not ok to purchase very thick curtains as they’ll block the nature wind also, so what you have to do is to buy a nice set of semi transparent curtains that will really help you to stay cool in hot summer days.


From the house of Home Sizzler■■■

These curtains of pack 4 comes from the store of “Home Sizzler“, fastest growing brand in the ‘Ready-made Curtains and Home Furnishing’ category as well as gaining popularity for their nice quality materials.

Their products bring design, colour, trend, and style to create a beautiful interior. They aren’t only master at manufacturing awesome curtains but also are very concerned about budget.


So we recommend everyone to go through this wonderful site “Home Sizzler” for best purchase of curtains at worth price.



So, let’s see what are the genuine reviews-

Extremely good quality: 


awesome quality at this price:

This polyester material long door curtain set comes from the house of Home Sizzler is extremely fine in quality and can be maintained easily. easy to maintain, wonderful quality and worth going for. people have liked the material of this curtain very much. It’s not a sticky material.


 Semi transparent: 

according to some reviewers these curtains are exactly not responsible for stopping the sunlight completely. The light slightly filters into your room. overall the quality and look is wonderful.


same as shown in the pictures:

Many people have given 4 stars for its looks and patterns. Length was exact, same as mentioned in the images. classy and elegant curtains for living room and hall as well as  has best quality.


■Very good product: 

This awesome long door curtains is master at   changing the whole look of your living room altogether rich in finish, look and pattern. Best ever types of doors as it comes with 4 different size curtains 



  • 100% high quality polyester
  • worth the price 
  • reliable 
  • durable 
  • Comes with fine level of finishing and patterns 
  • wonderful crafted 
  • nice stitching 
  • high quality eyelets of curtains.



  • quality could have been more perfect 


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Home Sizzler curtains are truly made high quality polyester, a natural resistance to shrinkage. You don’t have to worry about getting wrinkles on these curtains. If you are very specific about look and pattern of curtains, you must check this out set of curtains which has abstract pattern on it. A highly recommended product !

If you like our review on best long door curtains online India, then please do share and comment down below in the comment box, whether this review has helped you or not for a fine purchase. Thank you for giving your time on our review.

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