You are currently viewing Best point & shoot camera under 25000Rs India 2021

Best point & shoot camera under 25000Rs India 2021

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Best point & shoot camera under 25000Rs India 2021


I know you’ve been looking for a pocket friendly and travel friendly camera that costs under 25,000rs that’s why you have come to our blog right?. Well, thanks so much for visiting our blog. So, when you meet someone you take care of all the things, remember meetings and beautiful days that you had with your loving partner so for capturing those meaningful and loveable moments you can go with this Best point & shoot camera under 25000rs, appreciate every single day with your loved ones by capturing pictures of those beautiful moments.


We want to say thanks to all of you guys that you have found us able to provide you my review. Well today in this review we will tell you some wonderful features of this point and shoot camera that will really make you go wow!.


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  • Megapixels: 20.2 MP 
  • Colour: Awesome TruBlack 
  • Made of : aluminium.
  • Full manual control: for creative photography
  • video capability: HD 
  • Manufacturer:    ‎Sony Imaging Products & Solutions.
  • Item Weight: 213 g
  • Resolution of this camera:‎ 1080p Full HD
  • Display Type: TFT LCD
  • Memory Storage Capacity‎: 32 GB
  • Memory Slots Available: SD, SDHC, SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC
  • Exmor R CMOS Image Sensor


■■ let’s know more about its quality, features and functionality –

Best point & shoot camera under 25000Rs India 2021buy on amazon


■  Offers great quality : This 20.2 megapixel camera has everything that a one desire under this budget. Basically, they offer a quality which are slightly better than smartphone cameras. Comes with normally

Standing screen display size of 3 Inches that is responsible for Full HD Recording with ultimate level of quality under 25,000rs.


Best camera for easy photoshoots:   You know that not everyone like purchasing photographer camera, some people want a camera that are pocket friendly and easy to shoot. This camera has been crafted in aluminium and is very popular for daily and easy photography. Make your vacations, parties, outing, camping, celebrations, reunions and other events more lively with this best point and shoot digital camera which costs under 25,000rs only.


Travel friendly camera:  If you want a camera that does a bit more for you like-you’ll become able to use it everywhere and anywhere you like. Comes with 1.0-Type exmor CMOS Sensor and it is really expert in 

capture rich, clear and high-quality images. The exmor sensor are mainly responsible for  capturing bright light and reproducing fine details.


■  Pocket friendly camera: keep this camera with you along with you and have fun in meetings and occasions. capture videos in 10800 high resolution. you can even zoom this pocket-sized camera (3.6x Optical Zoom and 14× Digital Zoom) at high. So, get ready for experiencing its pro performance in a little unit, really fits in your pocket. apart from that it’s sleek, compact design really makes it worth noticing once.


■ Fine level of accuracy-

This point shot camera has nice lens that gives you greater accuracy in you clicked picture and snaps. as you can see that it offers extraordinary accuracy and performance also. 


Features that wins everyone’s heart-

Full Manual Control for Creative Photography

Get creative with DSLR like controls, a control dial lets you make changes fast between settings and you can adjust aperture, exposure, zoom and more from the control ring near the lens itself.


Shoot seamlessly with true fun- Experience the fast and continuous Shooting with this BIONZ imaging processor point camera, shoot seamlessly at your vacations and trips at up to 10 fps and get the flawlessly clean, pure, fantastic and natural images.


Excellent ISO sensitivity: You get smoother footage and steady shot and don’t worry about shakes or any camera movements. Even while you’re walking or zooming this camera won’t let you down in the terms of picture quality and video quality. a wide ISO range from 125-6400, for crisper images in even extremely low light.


■ Best at this price: This camera is worth the price and worth buying. you can play memories camera apps or can add an app to your camera. Just by following some easy steps you’ll be able to add features to your point and shoot camera. This point and shoot camera doesn’t let the sacrifice the pixels count for detail-packed close-ups picture due its zoom lens.


■■ Review-

What’s our review on this point and shoot digital camera?

■This camera is really provides you that all types of features in which it is master. This point and shot camera lets you shoot in defocused backgrounds and gives beautiful shallow depth of field. for FullHD Video capturing and snapping it has plenty of capability.


■ Many buyers have fount it very awesome for shooting at very high quality Full HD 1080p videos. They have taken a fine advantage of this point band shoot camera with large sensor and bright lens.


■ well, the day time performance is quite amazing. Pictures come out very well in terms of clarity, colour, zoom and details.


■It is best and perfect, takes awesome quality videos and pictures. Pictures are crisp and clear doesn’t cracks when your enlarg the pictures as well as small and handy. 



  • fast and continuous photo shooting 
  • wonderful clarity 
  • reliable 
  • descent designed with winsome finishing 
  • pocket friendly 
  • best for your all kinds of trips
  • Durable 
  • versatile camera at this price



  • transferring photo from camera to phone is slightly hard 
  • bit pricey 

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Mainly CMOS point and shoot cameras are known for its less expensive price and  great battery life. Apart from that this camera  can click nice picture in low light. with portrait mode or without portrait this camera is always ready to give its awesome quality and service to theirs consumers. There are so many functions which we haven’t descried yet but after buying this camera you will really appreciate this.

If you like our review on best point & shoot digital camera under 25000rs, then please do share and comment  down below in the comment box, whether this review has helped you or not for a fine purchase. Thank you for giving your time on our review.

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