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Best refrigerator for home single door India 2021

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Best refrigerator for home single door India 2021


Online shopping is gaining a high level of popularity right? whenever we think of purchasing something we often look and explore online once to check. it’s really gives a nice result like you will have to go here and there for purchasing not only this but also you become able to chose all products according the budget or under budget. We are reviewing this 4 star energy efficient best refrigerator under our titled review as ‘Best refrigerator for home single door’.


This new single door model is one of the best and seller’s most liked refrigerator due to its good capacity, available in a decent price which has 4 star energy efficiency. This doesn’t only come at worth price but also works as a unique ornamentation to your home as it has some uniqueness and standard  craftsmanship that might win one’s heart the moment one sees. This refrigerator includes many wonderful features that will really own your eye.


Feature overview- 

  • Energy Efficiency Star :4 Star
  • Warranty on this refrigerator: 1 year on product and 10 years on compressor also 
  • Eco Mode 
  • Door Alarm for altering you 24 hours 
  • Capacity of this refrigerator: 198 litres
  • Annual Consumption of Energy: 131 Kilowatt Hours
  • Defrost :‎ Direct Cool system 
  • Door Orientation:‎ Left
  • Made of : ‎ Steel material 
  • Shelf has :‎ Glass material 
  • Total Number of Shelves :‎ 2
  • Made in India product 
  • Freezer Capacity : 24 Litres


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■■■ Reasons to buy:-

Best refrigerator for home single door India 2021


We hope that after going through our guide, you will easily be able to shortlist your required refrigerator or fiegde at desired price within less time by making the right choice.

Let’s have a look at these major points-


Pampers your food inside:  we know  that usually a best refrigerator helps us storing our food at the temperature that you have opted. Prevents spoilage of your foods and ingredients by making the growth of harmful bacteria slower. So don’t worry about getting your foods be spoiled with this home refrigerator. 


Best direct-cool refrigerator : jut by Setting the temperature with its time settings according to your requirements, you can really take full advantage of this single door refrigerator at home. This economical single door refrigerator can cool down your foods and vegetables without occurring any fluctuation. with the high capacity of 198 litres this family suitable single door refrigerator is worth noticing once. 


Warranty that makes it more superior: This miraculous 4 energy rating single door refrigerator comes with the manufacturer Warranty (1 year on product) and 10 years on compressor warranty which makes you believe that this refrigerator won’t let you all down in the terms of quality, functionality and durability.  


Glass that doesn’t collapse: This refrigerator comes with spill proof and toughened glass that are every responsible for not getting its glass collapsed. its

digital inverter compressor is very energy efficient, less noise & highly durable

as well. With lovely specifications and features it wins our heart.

This single door refrigerator is the best in this price range.


Easy to handle everything with this masterpiece: It comes with wonderful touch cool with finest digital display, access different features. This home refrigerator is really a nice example of innovation. This refrigerator doesn’t only offer you intuitive control but also provides praise worthy features – like it alerts you when there is a power outage and restores temperature loss as well.


ECO mode for quick saving energy: select the Eco mode for saving energy and the e-Defrost for rapidly defrosting. accumulated ice usually won’t bother you now as this single door refrigerator is made of smart technology as well.


Meaningful features 

Runs on a home inverter or you can say this is a stabilizer free refrigerator. This masterpiece has really marvellous features including- energy savings, eco program, high quality shelves and high Energy-efficient etc. Digital inverter technology that lets you enjoy greater energy efficiency with less noise. so enjoy its all features.



Hello people, we would really like to tell you that if you are looking for a single door refrigerator then you must check this out once as we have taken many hours to explore and research as well. We have tried some of the constitutive points before you.

So, basically we’ll go through some of the consumer’s reviews and our analysis. Before putting our ideas accordingly, we carefully went through some customer reviews.

So these are following:-


This is an Energy-efficient refrigerator that operates effectively at low noise level oand it is featured with a deodorizer to keep your food fresh and odour free.  


This single door home refrigerator is equipped with smart inverter technology, many consumers have found it a super efficient deal. be sure forever for your food as they will always remain as fresh as ever.

You can also run this fridge on Solar Energy as well.


This refrigerator doesn’t have much noise. Its build quality is best, very sturdy and looks nice. Comes with e-Defrost feature means this built-in feature enables one to defrost the freezer by pushing e- Defrost button.


The impressive digital touch makes the look of this refrigerator more classy and elegant. Adorn you sweet home with this large enough storage refrigerator. 



You become an informed customer, after going through these above described headings and subheadings as we are providing you with some useful and comprehensive information on the best single door refrigerators in India for your sweet home. Your whole family will really appreciate this masterpiece.



  • Plug and play refrigerator (no need of installation)
  • worth the money 
  • reliable 
  • comes with warranty.
  • well workmanship 
  • durable 
  • versatile product.
  • 4 star energy efficiency 
  • wonderful features 



  • According to some consumers, they have found it slightly hard to defrost as it is taking a bit more time.






Samsung’s new range of single door refrigerators comes with wonderful power packed features. As we know that they never let us down regarding its services. We’ve been trusting them for a long time as they deserve it. whether it’s a phone, LCD TV and any useful and latest gadgets they provide next level of quietists always. We really recommend you all for this Best refrigerator for home.


If you like our review on best refrigerator for home single door, then please do share and comment  down below in the comment box, whether this review has helped you or not for a fine purchase. Thank you for giving your time on our review.

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