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Best spy camera in night bulb in India 2021

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Best spy camera in night bulb in India 2021


We know you care for your new born baby and you really need a best camera that detects the cry sound of babies. Wherever you are you just want a piece of mind for that if you’re seeking a product that suffices all your requirements then you must go through our latest review at ‘best spy camera in night bulb in India’ for making a better choice for a nice spy camera.


The best way for surveillance day and night.  This best spy bulb camera monitors everything such as- all behaviour, any activities, or information. This wireless WI-FI camera is a well designed camera that records even every small detail for alerting you at the right moment. we really can say, this is a best motion activated spy bulb camera for motion detection at cheap price as well as a best spy bulb camera under 2,000rs


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  • Item colour: White 
  • Resolution :2.0 Megapixel Resolution
  • view angle: 360° panoramic 
  • Connectivity Technology is: Wireless
  • Brand: Generic
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Connectivity Protocol: Wi-Fi
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Video Format : MP4
  • Max cloud storage: 128GB TF Card 


■■ Reasons to buy this-

Best spy camera in night bulb in India 2021


Day and night security:  in this spy bulb camera, you’ll get to see the 360 degree panoramic view angle or you can say 360 degree fisheye full view angle which provides you the fine level of surveillance all day long. Apart from that there’s no blind area and you’ll be able to view the entire room whether it’s day or night. at this price one would really appreciate its security system.


■Master at detecting all motions in surrounding:

wherever you’ll install it, really going to the finest security product as this most bought home security spy bulb camera is a Superb motion-activated spy camera so, basically a motion activated spy camera will record everything happening around it and they detect the motion of any person, as soon as it detects the presence of any one or anything it makes you alert, ringing the alarm that you have set. 


Security for your baby : This night and day bulb spy camera is also named as nanny cameras or nanny cams because people are buying this motion activated spy camera for their baby’s protection as well. As we care a lot about our child, this spy camera can really detect a baby’s cry or voice sitting even in the next room. we really can say that this is a best motion activated spy camera for motion detection at cheap price as well as best spy bulb camera under 2,000rs


Clear view from this smart bulb camera This 1080P HD security spy camera with 2.0 megapixel resolution, provides you smart surveillance day and night. This camera has 1920×1080 megapixels that captures a full and clearer picture or video.


Features that are flawless: there’s many marvellous features including clear night vision, super easy setup, easy and quick installation, wide view angle, HD security camera and finest WIFI connection, that really make you go wow! in all ways. 


■ Remote 24-hour real-time loop recording in micro TF card with this android night vision spy bulb camera. This spy bulb camera provides you the detection of distance up to 20M with e-mail alerts and a well sound quality alarm.


■■So, this is a Package containing –

1 AUSHA C4 CCTV Camera

1  User Manual

1 E27 Base

1 Screws set



  • worth the price 
  • durable and versatile 
  • a best deal 
  • wonderful features 
  • Awesome view angles 
  • Smart and fast motion detection
  • well craftsmanship 
  • fine finishing product 



  • could have been more nice quality 


■■ Review-

These are the following reviews that are really satisfying-

A best and smart spy camera: We can really say that this spy bulb camera is really best for day or night motion pictures for a nice level of detection. This bulb spy  camera sends any movement that happens. Through a phone app this spy camera alerts you wherever it’s needed. 


Well functioned and well featured spy bulb camera: Comes with a nice level of security with awesome workmanship on it. This camera also allows you to view the footage on any device, and can be connected to any ios and Android device.


A well tested camera: This is a spy camera that is well tested and well designed for securing our home purpose in India. detects everything like moving objects or sounds like baby crying. 


Fantastic alarm sound: This spy camera issues an alarm sound fantastically and sends to your phone even emails for helping you to protect your home and baby in time.


Awesome audio sound : many people have found it easy to talk to anyone. Its unique mic design diminishes motor sounds while you talk with someone through its mike.

providing high quality audio.





Usually, the other common use of spy cameras is – while surveillance on caregivers’ treatment of children or any activity on your device. These spy bulb cameras are often considered a great help in protecting your home, child and better safety. 

One can really investigate even if it’s needed with this spy camera. These are the best security bulb cameras to watch and have eyes on all the activities and scenarios often even when you’re not present there. We really recommend this fanatic spy bulb camera in India.

If you like our review on Best spy camera in night bulb in India 2021, then please do share and comment  down below in the comment box, whether this review has helped you or not for a fine purchase. Thank you for giving your time on our review.

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