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Best yoga mat under 1000 in India 2021

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Best yoga mat under 1000 in India 2021


Yoga gives our body the positive energy and peace of mind that helps us to generate more inner power. Daily yoga can give us thousands of benefits with time. Generally there are a lot of reasons that make us do yoga, right? and for that we must need a fine crafted and best anti skid yoga mat that costs you under your budget also. Don’t worry here, in today’s article you’ll find your best purchase as we will introduce you to an awesome quality yoga mat under the title of ‘Best yoga mat under 1000 in India’.


Don’t search for the best yoga mat here and there and save your precious time by paying attention to this cheap yoga mat. This mat comes with a high level of craftsmanship and suffice all your requirements regarding a best quality yoga mat. Make your morning yoga time more enjoyable and efficient with this best yoga mat which costs you under 1000 RS which is a great deal for a fitness freak and sport enthusiasts.

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Best yoga mat under 1000 in India 2021



Product information of cyan black

  • Manufacturer: Jaspo Elysium 
  • Colour composition: Cyan Black
  • Material Type:‎ Polyurethane
  • manufacturing country: India
  • included (comes with): Carrying Strap
  • Dimensions: Length 72 inches width  24 inches with 10 mm thickness.


 Why this yoga mat ?

What can be an easy definition for yoga? well, 

Yoga: the form of meditation, exercise that helps us by providing mental and physical advantages and makes it possible to overcome negative thoughts and vibes as well as makes the body more strong and healthy.

So here we will discuss some considerable qualities of this yoga mat that might would be very helpful:-


 ■ Anti skid and highly stable:

This yoga mat Increases the stability during yoga due to its anti-skid nature. This roll up and washable yoga mat takes your workout to the next level. This mat is anti slip and won’t let you get slipped while doing yoga, whichever your posture it will hold you easily.


 Best for everyone:

These yoga mats are applicable for all age groups such as citizens, adults and teens, not only this but also are convenient for all body shapes so don’t worry about its size fit. Now, perform several exercises like yoga, stretching, other floor exercises and meditation on its soft surface 

A perfect gift:

This yoga mat has a soft surface and has fine finishing that can be gifted to anyone. you can give this to your mother, she’ll like it very much as it will help her to workout more efficiently. you can give it to your sister on her special day who is a sports enthusiast to make her day, she’ll really like your taste of choice. 

 Super soft cushioning for long use:

This perfect yoga or workout mats is master at providing its full services, fitness exercises

would be more convenient now with this premium yoga mat. This yoga mat is made up of high quality material, extremely durable and light in weight. apart from that its soft cushioning support to your body while exercising.


 Eco friendly yoga mat:

Eco Friendly means it is a product that is safe to use and brings more positivenss in one’s daily routine, a non toxic material and better quality material.

This yoga mat is available in 2 colour variants so you can choose it according to your desire. 

So, here we have included some points and features that might assist you for better purchase, so let’s proceed to the next points.


 Pros :

  • well crafted 
  • comes with fine finishing 
  • worth the price 
  • reliable 
  • durable 
  • anti skid and eco friendly yoga mat of India 
  • soft cushioning 
  • comfortable 
  • extra Thick 
  • lightweight yoga mat 
  • breathable and waterproof 
  • provides excellent body positioning 





According to many reviewers and our researches,


 Nice quality material: 

This is really an anti-skid yoga mat which provides us better positioning. This really has helped many for effective yoga exercises at their home and garden.


very light weight workout mat: 

This is very easy to carry and storable anywhere. One can carry it for outdoor use also. It is a very lightweight yoga mat and moisture resistant as well. So you won’t feel sticky while doing yoga.


■ easy to maintain :

It is very easy to clean and easy to maintain also. It’s better soft padding supports one to perform effective posture and stretching as well. 


■Extra thick and durable mat :

 It comes with the dimensions of – Length 72 inches x Width 24 inches with 10 mm thickness. As you can see, it is thick enough for comfortable and better fit and Its premium padded cushions protect spine, knee, elbow  

on even and hard floors while working out.


Waterproof yoga mat: 

Many have found it very easy to wash it as it’s a waterproof yoga mat. Many haven’t felt sticky while working out.


So these were the major reviews which I have described to you for your better understanding for better purchase.



This fitness & exercise mat from the brand ‘Jaspo Elysium’, is perfect for all types of body shapes as well as for all types for yoga exercise which is really applicable for any floor type. This is really a nice deal of the day that a fitness enthusiast can buy .

If you like our review on ‘Best yoga mat under 1000 in India’ then please do share and comment down below in the comment box, whether this review has helped you or not for a fine purchase. Thank you for giving your time on our review.

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