You are currently viewing Fabric painting designs in bedsheets India 2021

Fabric painting designs in bedsheets India 2021

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Fabric painting designs in bedsheets India 2021

Bedsheets are like mates to people as they provide all with some kind of nice comfort while sleeping. Whenever one needs some rest he thinks of going to his bed and obviously bed with a comfortable and soft bedsheet. Not only a comfortable bed sheet but also people required a bedsheet that might help adorn their bedroom. So one can really give attention to these fabric painting designs in bedsheets , which is a great deal. 


Finding a perfect bedsheet can really be a thoughtful task, so one nice review can help you in some way before purchasing a bedsheet. We are reviewing today this wonderful bed sheet set with pretty jaipuri fabric painting designs. This bed sheet isn’t only looks wonderful and classic but also made of comfortable, breathable, antibacterial and antifungal twill cotton fabric. We know we can not go for any products before analysing or understanding some important points, so for your better knowledge let’s discuss ahead-



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  • Made Of : 100% Cotton material 
  • colour: White with multicolored peacock print 
  • size of bedsheet: 108 x 108inch
  • Pack of : 1 PC Bed Sheet & 2 PC Standard Size Pillowcases 
  • GSM: 153
  • Thread Count: 120 TC 
  • Total item weight‎: 1000 Grams
  • Size-  double bed size 
  • Stitched : Yes

Fabric painting designs in bedsheets India 2021


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So here we will explain some of the genuine points that will really grab one’s attention.

let’s start-


 Made of pure cotton:

This beautiful fabric painting designed double bedsheet set is made of pure cotton with suitable thread counting. Cotton sheets are really considered as the best sheets that really make our sleep more safe and sound and doesn’t let our body get itchy. So feel free from this tension that you’ll get any mixed bedsheet. 


Ultimate quality with super softness:

This set includes a super soft flat sheet and 2 beautiful pillowcases of 100% pure cotton. They are twill for ductile softness, strength and durability as well. Apart from that comes with 120 TC (Thread counts) that means it will last longer as it has enough threads to last long.


Well designed and classic look:

This fabric painting designs bed sheet is ok for machine wash warm as well as non-chlorine bleach. apart from that required tumble dry low. The bedsheets are super soft, well designed, and beautiful that adorns your rooms effectively. 


A perfect gift for your known ones: Basically gifts are something that reminds of one everyday. Not just a reminder but also an appreciation of those who are present in your life. All we want to say is that if you want to give a gift to somebody who’s birthday or wedding anniversary is coming within a few days, you can offer this premium fabric painting double bedsheet to them. they’ll really like it as you took care of their rest timing.


beautifully hand crafted :

This Jaipur fabric painted 240 TC Cotton king size double bedsheet is beautifully handcrafted through traditional methods as well durable enough to satisfy you. it Can also be used as a wall hanging tapestry, bed spread, wall art and couch cover, window curtain, and so on. Well one can really enjoy the handmade pure quality bedsheet.


 Quality that attracts us:

This high quality, classic designed, beautiful, colorful and 100% cotton king size bedsheet from jaipuri fabric is a wonderfully and elegantly designed king size double  bedsheet. A perfect sheet for your double bed. You will get a bedsheet with two pillow covers in the package. Well it’s quality really attracts us.


■■■About the brand: JaipurFabric 


Jaipuri fabric always features a classic vibrant design inspired printed bed sheet with great durability. Since 2009 they have been providing their awesome level of service and satisfaction to their consumers. They believe making their products without harmful chemicals and polluted practice even. We assure you after purchasing some products from their store you’ll get addicted.



So after going through major headings like it’d features, reasons to buy and about the brand and so on, we’re hoping that you must have figured out in some way, whether you should go for it or not. If you’re still reading this review thank you so much please be with us till the end of this review for whole understanding.


Durable and awesome quality 

Here 120 TC pure cotton Fabric Cotton is used here which is the most popular fabric usually used to make sheets and other bedding materials as well as durable, breathable, soft, cosy, durable, easy to care for, and generally awesome bed sheets.


■Elegant look with comfy style:

This fabric painting design bed sheet is really made from true and high-quality cotton. No need to worry about the material of this king size fabric painted bed sheet, apart from that  The beautiful handcrafted design of the bed sheet really  attracts the eye towards. So, be ready for many compliments from your relatives and neighbours. 

So it’s a really nice deal of the day if you go for it.



  • wonderful design 
  • beautiful colour 
  • pure cotton 
  • super soft 
  • durable 
  • worth the price
  • well Stitched bed sheet 
  • A great for everyone 
  • Can be gifted to your knowns 



  • Bit pricey


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After going through the above major heading we can really say that this is a quality bed sheet that is admirable and trustable. One you’ll purchase it you love it for sure. So we will really recommend this beautifully designed or fabric painting designed bedsheet.

If you like our review on Fabric painting designs in bedsheets, then please do share and comment down below in the comment box, whether this review has helped you or not for a fine purchase. Thank you for giving your time on our review.

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