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Fabric painting designs on cushion covers India 2021

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Fabric painting designs on cushion covers India 2021


Buying a couch or sofa ?. If you are buying a couch or sofa then you must need the elegant cushion covers that can suffice your requirement of decorating your wonderful and attractive room hall. You can really give a chance to this Fabric painting designs on cushion covers which are super classy by look and quality. Replace these classic and nice rose printed cushions with your old cushions that stand out from the sofa’s shade as these elegant cushion covers will be a best alternative for your hall.


These covers are 100% opaque, premium, heavy cotton canvas fabric as well as tight knitted. Don’t worry about its lifespan as it is made of long lasting durable fabric. None will be there, in the room who will not appreciate your choice. So we’ll know more about this today’s best deal-


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  • Colour: Multicolour cushion 
  • item Weight ‎: 1200 Grams
  • Total Number of covers: 6
  • Manufacturer: Vishnu Image Folio
  • Made in india
  • Inks used : UV-resistant inks for bright and rich colours 
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH (61x 61×1) Centimetres
  • Item Shape: Square



■■ Description or details:

Fabric painting designs on cushion covers India 2021



We know it’s not easy to choose among all the many choices available online. Market are flooded with innumerable cushion covers, so for assisting you to choose the best cushion covers we have included some qualities and features here-


An eye catchy Product:

This elegant and fabric printed cushion or throw pillow covers are best for decorating a room. Whoever will see these wonderful pillow covers will surely praise your choice. These covers are Ideal for decorating sofas, beds, couches, chairs and so on. 


■ Made of high quality martial:

These covers are made of  luxurious fabric with a natural finish as well as beautiful color combinations. Its state-of-the-art digital printing ensures you with colour consistency as well as prevents any colour fading. Best for those ones who love flowers and fabrice inspired printed sets in bright colours . 



■Durable product:

This thick and durable 100% opaque & premium cotton canvas fabric cushion covers are worth purchasing for. This cover comes with tight knitting and styling prints on it ( backside has plain colour). It is considered that if the product is made of pure cotton, it is more durable. So it won’t let you down in any case just take a little care of this cushion cover which has beautiful fabric painting designs.



An embellishment to your home:

These covers are examples of perfection with beauty. It has overlap backing with a concealed zipper. It is wonderfully and perfectly tailored and mainly made for durability purposes. When it comes to stitching it is refined. This set of 6 cushion covers without Filler (Canvas) will never let you down if you think of having an ultimate decorative cover for your bedroom.


A nice gift to offer:

This is a perfect gift for every occasion like anniversary, birthday or any ceremony. This is a quality assured cover as well as a nice gift for everyone. These covers needed a gentle machine wash and hand wash with similar colors in cold water. Give a well designed beautiful rose printed refresh to the decor of your bedroom and hall with this  cushion cover set of 6. 


■■ Bonus detail:

One should avoid direct sunlight for preventing fade. These cushion covers are cleared for dispatch after checking processes so don’t worry about its packaging and quality.


So here our description, feature details or considerable points ends. Let’s know what are the genuine reviews regarding this product. 



These reviews are purposely included here for some genuine guidance- 


Thick and ultra soft martial:

The fabric of this cover is genuinely super soft and gives an inviting complement that will liven up your whole room. You can put this on your back all day long and enjoy its comfortability.


■ nice closure system: 

Many people have found it super easy to zip covers. It has overlap backing with a concealed zipper that works superfine and super smoothly.


■Perfectly tailored covers:

It has crisp finish as well as winsome printed fabric designs on front. It has been stitched nicely and perfectly so people have liked it so much.


Colour that doesn’t fade:

The fabric of this cover is made of  pure 100% cotton. apart from that its colour will not fade on even repeated wash.


Awesome colour and classic design: 

The fascinating texture of the fabric painting takes image prints one step closer to the lively and invites attention. 


An enhancement to your home decor:

These fabric painting designed cushion covers are best for the increments of the beauty of your sofa. Adorn your home with these covers which have some lovely and lively vibes. Buy this cozy, colourful, bright and charming fabric painting designed cushion covers for adding personality and injecting new colour into your home.



  • Tightly and perfectly knitted
  • made of long life & durable fabric 
  • high quality martial 
  • worth the price 
  • well designed 
  • beautiful colour combination 



  • bit pricey 




We may become confused over a lot of options available online while choosing the right cushion covers. For solving this major problem we have done a little attempt. Hope our review has helped you in some way. We’re very happy that you have gone through our whole article. Get these adorable cushion covers and make a nice impression on your family.

If you like our review on fabric painting designs on cushion covers, then please do share and comment down below in the comment box, whether this review has helped you or not for a fine purchase. Thank you for giving your time on our review.

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