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Tummy twister rotating disc review 2021

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Tummy twister rotating disc review 2021

During this pandemic it has become very essential to take care of our health, like how the pandemic has changed our lifestyle. Before this pandemic we used to go to the office and gym. Mainly the workout routine of many people has changed and for that they have set up their home gym for daily workout. You can make your workout more effective and successful with this amazing tummy twister rotating disc review.

Obviously, your home workout gym should has the useful, power and wonderful gear and equipment which allows you to do your exercise very efficiently and effectively. We want to say that you can add this tummy twister among them and make your workout more fun with this gym tool.


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  • Operate without battery 
  • Brand: SKYFUN (LABEL)
  • Colour: Multicolour and available in many colours 
  • Size:‎ Standard
  • platform of: magnet embedded
  • Style of: Two layered constructions for durability
  • foot pad: non slip 

Tummy twister rotating disc review 2021


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Is this tummy twister worth buying?

Under this heading we’ll discuss its functionality and useful points for knowing its worth:

A compact design: 

This rotating disc has a wonderful look and has a compact style. You don’t have to worry about lifting up any heavy tools for your daily workout now. Its compact size makes you able to store it wherever you want. This only looks small in size but gives duty like big machines.

Helps you to boosts energy:

A best tool really helps one to boost his energy and this compact sized tummy twister rotating disc helps you in this. Do some daily exercise, have a healthy diet and follow a perfect schedule for perfect results within time as regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength as well as boost your energy while twisting. 


Cheap body Shaper Rotating disc:

This tummy twister comes at a cheap price, you don’t have to spend more money for it. This rotating disc comes at a low price yet works like a pro.


 Helps you make your goal:

Exercise delivers oxygen as well as nutrients to the tissues with this it also helps the cardiovascular system work efficiently. These all things lead to a perfect and healthy body which you can get with exercise and a healthy diet. Make your goal with this compact size tummy twister rotating disk.


Wonderful features & details it has:

This tummy twister has two layered constructions with a fine level of detailing.

Tummy twister is master at targeting internal and external oblique along with your spinal rotation. Basically its twisting platform has a magnet embedded that provides magnetic waves into the user’s body. It’s magnetic waves have been made for therapeutic purposes. 

This tummy twister comes with awesome detailing on it. Just a simple twisting action that you have to do, can have a strong effect on the belly. One can get the desired curve with this tummy twister rotating disc.


A nice tool for home gym

This is really a nice tool for your home gym at decent price that will help you burn fact daily. You don’t have to go anywhere, just bring it home and have desired curve.


■■■  Additional words ■■■

Everyone has a dream to get a healthy and fit body right?. We know everyone thinks of it but all these things would be more successful if you follow some useful diet chart and routine. Eat soluble fiber, avoid junk foods, eat high protein foods, don’t take more stress and do aerobic exercise with this tummy twister rotating disc. Hence you’ll get a curved body and healthy lifestyle.



  • Awesome quality 
  • well crafted and well designed 
  • Has nice finishing 
  • Worth the price 
  • durable 
  • versatile 
  • Twist your tummy efficiently 



  • The drawback of this tummy twister is that it cannot bear upto 100 kg perfectly. it would be better if you go for a heavy duty tummy twister rotating disc for heavy load.



 Best tummy twister with Magnetic field:

improves circulation Two-layer construction for more durability For both Men and Women Improves cardiovascular fitness, portable and easy to store No assembly required.


Nice experience with it:

This tummy twister rotating disc generates magnetic acupressure into the body that helps to lose weight and stay fit. People have voted it best for experiencing the nice work out time. 


 Non slip twister disc:

This durable disc has a non slip foot pad, which is best for base feet massaging. It won’t let you fall in any way, so workout freely.


■ Nice quality with awesome design:

It has Specifications that are worth praising. Burn your calories with this twister disc which works simultaneously on your core muscles as well as melts your fat.


■ Best for Home gym:

This twister looks so fine that it can be a nice embellishment to your home gym. This is a really nice tool to add in your home gym equipment collection. This effective aerobic twist rotating disc comes with nice reflexology foot markers and reflexology magnets.


》》 Reflexology:

It is a type of therapy that uses a nice level of pressure on specific points of your feet for better massaging that helps you to stay relaxed.

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After seeing all points that were considerable, we hope you’ll have become able to choose a nice tummy twister rotating disc for you. This tool can enhance posture, stability, energy as well as help to reduce belly fat efficiently. We really recommend this wonderful quality tool for your daily exercise.

If you like our review on the best ‘ Tummy twister rotating disc review ‘, then please do share and comment down below in the comment box, whether this review has helped you or not for a fine purchase. Thank you for giving your time on our review.

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