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Understanding the different types of chargers: including adaptor and USB cables

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Today world is full of electronic devices, Its hard to remember a day when we have not seen any electronic device. All the electronic devices that contain the battery need a charger to keep them alive. The charger are of different types depending upon the need of power supply of devices for example laptops, mobile, camera, speaker. Here we mainly focus on the types of charger (smartphones chargers) that contain the Adaptor and USB cables…

Different types of chargers with USB Cables

To know the types of chargers first read about USB. USB cable stands for Universal Serial Bus. It has major two function of transfer power and transfer of data for one device to other. In simple language we can say USB cable act as a bridge between the two devices like between the adaptor and smartphones. as technology improving day by day USB cable quality and there ability to transfer power and data also improve. on the basis of shape USB cable types are USB Type-A, USB Type-B, Mini USB, Micro USB, USB Type-c. on the basic of ability to transfer data types are USB 1.x, USB 2, USB 3. lets discuss them in details.


1. USB Type-A

Type-A USB is the base of all the USB. In every computer we find the port of Type-A USB form where we can connect the any external device to the computer. USB cable has one end of USB Type-A and other end depend on the device port where it will connected like Mini, Micro or Type-C types port. The end part of the cable which connect the smartphone, camera, keyboard, mouse and other device to computer or the end part of cable which in plugged in port of wall charger (adaptor) to charger the smart phone is USB type-A.

2. USB Type-B

Understanding the different types of chargers: including adaptor and USB cables

Type-B is the old age USB. It has the rectangular shape with slightly rounder on upper corners. Now it is difficult to found them in electronic device. earlier these were used in the scanner and printer etc. to connected them to the computer but now with the new innovation in the USB cable technology all of the these are replaced with latest highly effective USB cables.

3. Mini USB

Understanding the different types of chargers: including adaptor and USB cables

Mini-USB is small then the USB Type-B. Which make it suitable for used in mobile phones. The keypad phones which were popular before the smartphones mainly used these Mini-USB. It is also used in digital camera, MP3 Players, play station etc. Its capability to transfer data and power is more then that of the USB Type-B.

Soon these USB cables were replaced by the Micro-USB cables.

4. Micro USB

Understanding the different types of chargers: including adaptor and USB cables

It is the most used USB cable till now, we can find them in anyone home. Its design is made more smaller than the Mini-USB. Micro-USB connector enables the smartphone manufacturer companies to make thin and slim phones and other devices. It is used in devices like smartphone, wireless headphones, cameras, smartwatches.

5. USB Type-C

Understanding the different types of chargers: including adaptor and USB cables

Type-C is the latest type of USB with high speed of data transfer speed upto 10Gbps. It has symmetrical shape no up or down face, so it can be inserted in the device (smartphone) by both sides. Used where the high speed of data transfer is required for example when external hard dick is connect to the computer. Some of the devices using Type-C USB are latest smartphone, laptops, cameras etc.


USB 1.1 It is the oldest form of USB can have speed up to 10Mbps. These standard of USB are not used in any device now a days. It transfer data form host to peripheral.


USB 2.0 Its data transfer speed is upto 480Mbps. Give the power output of 2.5V 1.8A. it is popular since 2000 used with the USB configuration type-A, type-B.

You can see the use of this USB in some of the cheap device like headphone, smartwatches, trimer and other wire less devices.


USB 3.0 It has the fastest data transfer speed among all the above USB. It can transfer data upto 10Gbps. USB 3.0 port has sysmbol of ss means SUPER SPEED port. It can give power output of 20V, 5A. It support the Bi-directional transfer of data.

Understanding the types of chargers with adaptors

Adaptors are the devices that transform power form one voltage to another voltage according to the requirement to the devices. It also convert the AC power supply to DC power supply which is used to charger the batteries. As we know that home power supply India is 220V AC which can’t be connected to devices directly so the power supply in first step down by the adaptor covert it form AC to DC which charges the batteries of smartphone, laptops, headphone etc. The adaptor are of various voltage range 18V, 12V, 9V, 5V or 3V etc. There current supply ranges 2A, 5A or 20A according to spec of the adaptors.

How to select best charger for phone

1. First check the device (smartphone) specification note that at what power supply device is made for charge. for example 5V, 2A OR 5V, 3A etc.

2. Selection of ADAPTOR, select that adaptor that give output voltage same as the charging voltage written on the device or batteries. The current supply must be more that required for example smartphone is made for charge at 2A than you can buy adaptor that output is 2A or above it (3A,4A).

3. Selection of USB, First identify the type of the port in your smart phone Micro USB or Type-C (currently these to type are common in smartphones USB). Then if you want to use cable for high transfer data then go for USB 3.0 Micro or USB 3.0 Type-C or if you only want do charging with normal data transfer then use USB 2.0 Micro.














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